Heritage Lanes has been mindfully designed to provide a welcome, inclusive and breathable health and wellness centre for Brisbane locals and visitors. We firmly believe that health should be our ultimate priority which is one of the key reasons our building was created to include bright, open spaces which embrace and promote our natural surroundings. 

We also believe in supporting the local and wider community by promoting mental and physical health. And that’s why our Heritage Lanes wellness library is designed to direct our patrons to health and wellness centre resources. It is supported by the WELL Feature guide available here which forms part of our targeted Platinum WELL Rating


The intent of the “Air” concept is to ensure high levels of indoor air quality by implementing strategies that include source elimination or reduction, active and passive building design, and operational strategies and human behaviour interventions. Heritage Lanes is a smoke free environment as well, supported by Mirvac’s smoke free policy available here.

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Maintaining visual and physical ergonomics is important in supporting a healthy and active lifestyle.

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The following Community related information aims to provide the building community easy access to health promotion information including the benefits of a good nights sleep, human connection, mindfulness and mental health resources.

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There have been many studies on the positive affects light exposure has on a person’s health and wellbeing. Heritage Lanes has been designed with access to light as a priority, including a side core configuration which enables over 80% of the floorplate (levels 2 – 31) to be within 12M of a nature light source. The building also features an integrated communication network which links back to the on floor blind controls.

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The following resources have been collated by the Heritage Lanes management team to offer readers access to programmes, strategies and resources to address a variety of well-being drivers.

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The following Nourishment related resources have been collated by the Heritage Lanes management team to offer readers information to encourage greater nutritional transparency. We encourage the Heritage Lanes community to understand the benefits of a healthy diet and how nutrition correlates with an individual’s positive health and wellbeing.

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Building materials and products are not only an integral part of our lives but, unlike most consumer goods, have a much longer use phase, making their chemical composition, and potential impact on indoor air quality, significant. 

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