Health and Wellness Education

The following Community related information aims to provide the building community easy access to health promotion information including the benefits of a good nights sleep, human connection, mindfulness and mental health resources.

Tired but Wired

Sleep matters when it comes to physical recovery, mental clarity and overall brain function and performance. We know that approximately 40% of employees have sleep issues right now (that *is* a scary statistic!).  We would assume this might be related to children or stress related right now? Listen to this episode of Wired but Tired by Natalie McCann and Tom Bosna discuss Natalie's experience with Chronic insomnia, Top tips for achieving optimal sleep hygiene and how workplace policy could help bring more attention to the value of self-care and rest.

Better Sleep

We’ve sourced 10 simple hacks to improve your sleep including reducing light after dinner, avoiding “sleepy foods”, turning off your screens and more. You can read all about these 10 simple hacks here.


5 Digital Detox tips to improve your wellbeing and human connection - read the full article here.


Having a balanced nutritional diet is known to improve an individual’s wellbeing. While biologically we are all built differently, there are tips and tools you can implement to improve your nutritional intact, including practicing mindful eating. You can read more about the mindful eating topic here (please note that this is a third-party external site).


Mindfulness & Smiling Mind

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and without judgement. There are many platforms and tools you can access to improve your mindfulness, including downloading Smiling Mind for free here (please note this is a third party external site).

Financial health

How is your Financial Health? There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a wide-ranging impact on all of us. It is perfectly normal to worry about our financial situation, even in the best of times, as we try and provide a good life for ourselves and our loved ones. With so much uncertainty across several industries and employers, financially related stress may become overwhelming. You can read more about the financial health topic here (please note that this is a third-party external site).

Looking after your mental health when working in various locations

Often understanding who you can approach to look after your mental health can be challenging and confusing. You can read more about the looking after your mental health via Beyond Blue’s resource here (please note that this is a third-party external site).

Bringing balance to work

It’s important that we all prioritise our wellbeing with the additional challenges of COVID-19 and recent lockdowns. Right now, juggling the demands of career and our personal lives is an ongoing challenge. By setting limits and looking after yourself, you can achieve the work-life balance that works best for you. We have documented some tips on how we can ‘bring balance’ to the way we work. Please keep sharing any other ideas you have on bringing balance to your office or line manager so that your colleagues can test them out too.