The following Nourishment related resources have been collated by the Heritage Lanes management team to offer readers information to encourage greater nutritional transparency. We encourage the Heritage Lanes community to understand the benefits of a healthy diet and how nutrition correlates with an individual’s positive health and wellbeing.

Diet Myths

With access to information at our fingertips, there are many diet myths that make their way into mainstream media. In this Podcast Episode hear from Gemma Monaghan who an accredited practising Dietitian, with qualifications in low FODMAPs and spends her working week educating corporates on all things nutrition. Gemma shares her insights on Intermittent Fasting pros and cons, the keto diet, Alternative milks and there nutritional value and some future trends in food, dining and nutrition.


We’ve curated some information around busting diet myths including can you skip breakfast to aid in weight loss, red meat being the only source of iron, can you eat as much fruit as your wish and more. Read about these common myths and our findings here from Edwina McDonald at Pinnacle Health Group.