Mental Health Promotion

The following resources have been collated by the 80 Ann management team to offer readers access to programmes, strategies and resources to address a variety of well-being drivers.

Signs and symptoms of mental health conditions

Information about mental health and common mental health conditions, including at minimum: causes, signs and symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety and substance abuse and addiction. Read more about this topic here (please note that this is a third party external site).

Mental Health personal care

Supporting personal mental health and well-being can include regular self-care practices, positive coping skills, and behaviours that influence mental health and well-being (e.g., sleep, nutrition, physical activity).  Read more about avoiding burnout here and mastering your workday here (please note that these are third party external sites).

Mental Health support in your community

If you are looking for support in your local community here is a list of organisations, resources and crises lines you can reach out to discuss further: 
Beyond Blue
QLD Government mental health supports in your community
Blackdog institute


Watch this practical and inspiring video from Mindfulness Expert Ruth Kent, as she explores the notion and practice of mindfulness in our everyday lives. 

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation

The negative effects associated with the use of smoking and e-cigarettes has been widely publicised in recent years. While 80 Ann is a smoke free building, we encourage anyone looking for support on quitting smoking to access the Governments Quit line. You can access this resource here however please note that this is a third party external site.

Substance use education and support services

Watch the empowering video from Addiction Expert Conrad Tracey here, explaining the background of substance use and addiction. The video covers 5 tips to help you identify behaviour that can lead to addiction, and some practical support advice, and ways to avoid addiction becoming a problem for you and your team. Conrad is the founder of Addiction Coaching Australia, who help people to break the cycle of addiction, and regain control of their life and choices.