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Creating Buildings That Think

80 Ann incorporates the latest building technologies to provide an integrated management and operating system, reducing wastage and employing predictive capabilities. 

  • Tenant Portal
    Dedicated tenant portal
  • Wellness Portal
    Access to digital health and wellness resources
  • Visitor Checkin
    Dedicated visitor checkin kiosks for seamless arrival experience
  • Building Performance
    Access to real time data on building performance
  • Smart Metering
    Smart metering of utilities and services

Networked to the future
The Integrated Communication Network (ICN) is a secure, high-availability wide communications network to allow all authorised systems and equipment to connect, providing the backbone for the integration and monitoring of the sub-system, as well as overall control of the building. The ICN allows the building to be securely monitored remotely through a firewalled VPN internet connection. 

The primary objective of the IBP is to provide open access to the wealth of data available within each system throughout the facility, allowing tenants and building management to continuously improve the operating efficiencies and long-term performance of the building. The open-source infrastructure allows applications such as alarm monitoring, graphical displays, reporting, billing, analytics, mobile devices, energy management and workflows, as well as maintenance and fault detection, to access both live and historical data.

Connect Your Smarts to Ours
This complete connectivity throughout the building’s operating systems provides the tenants with the ability to connect their sub-systems and utilise the advanced capabilities of the IBP:

  • Eliminating the need for an independent BMS for HVAC controls head-end and Graphics 
  • Providing inter system connectivity such as Comms room Package unit to Base Build tenant Condenser water system or lighting interface to blind interface 
  • The ability to utilise the base building infrastructure, including BMS, Lighting and Energy Management networks.
  • Customised user interfaces and Branded Tenant graphics and systems
  • Information (history/alarms) managed in one location for all systems 
  • Multiple vendor options, avoiding single-manufacturer lock-in
  • Remote network connectivity from the existing base build configuration 
  • Alarms and faults monitored by the IBP Vendor