HL Court is open, find out what you need to know.

When is the Sports Court Open?

The Sports Court is open to the public from 7am - 7pm every day.  For use outside these hours, please contact Heritage.Lanes@mirvac.com

Do I need to make a booking to use the Sports Court?

Casual use of the Sports Court, without booking is permitted.  however, pre-made bookings take priority at all times.  Please respect this.  Bookings can be made via the Mirvac App for Heritage Lanes.  Download Here.

How do I book the Sports Court?

The Sports Court can be booked via the Mirvac App for Heritage Lanes.  Download Here.

How long can I make a booking for?

The Sports Court can be booked in one-hour time slots.  The maximum number of bookings per individual is one hour on any given day.  For extended bookings, please contact Heritage.Lanes@mirvac.com

How far in advance can I book the Sports Court?

The Sports Court can be booked one month in advance only.  Bookings can be made via the Mirvac App for Heritage Lanes.  Download Here.

Can children use the Sports Court?

Yes, parental supervision required at all times for children under 15yrs.

Where do I collect a key from to open the Sports Court?

The entry to the Sports Court on the Roma Street side, next to the water bubbler will be unlocked at 7am daily and locked at 7pm.

I don't work at Heritage Lanes, can I still use the Sports Court?

Yes, the Sports Court is available for all members of the public.

Is the Sports Court FREE to use?

Yes, no fees are charged to use the Sports Court.

Can I host fitness classes at HL Court?

No commercial activities may be conducted in the area.  Coaching services, fee/revenue generating and commercially organised activities are not permitted.

What Sports can you play?

HL Court can be used for a multitude of sports including Basketball, Pickleball, Soccer, Cricket, Handball and many more.

Which Sports are the linemarkings for on the ground?

Line marking is for Soccer, Basketball and Pickleball, see each sports lines here.

Can I eat and drink in the Sports Court?

Alcohol and glass are not permitted on the Sports Court.  Food should be consumed in seating areas only, and is not permitted on the Sports Court.

Do I need to bring my own sporting equipment?

Yes, users will need to supply all of their own equipment including balls, racquets and bats etc.

What about a Pickleball Net?

A Pickleball net will be supplied, users are responsible for setting up the net and removing following use.  See instructions for installation and removal of the Pickleball net.

What is Pickleball?

In the ever-evolving world of sports, a newcomer has been making waves and gaining popularity at an astonishing rate - Pickleball.  This unique and engaging paddle sport has taken the world by storm, find out more about this exciting sport here.

How do you play Pickleball?

Pickleball, the exciting amalgamation of tennis, badminton and table tennis, has taken the sporting world by storm.  Find out how to play here.

Can I host an event at HL Court?

To host an event, please contact Heritage.Lanes@mirvac.com 

Can I have a photoshoot at HL Court?

Events and use for photography/videography require approval.  Please contact the Heritage Lanes Team at Heritage.Lanes@mirvac.com to make an application.

Can I bring my pet to HL Court?

Pets are not permitted on the Sports Court.  

Will I be filmed by cameras?

CCTV is in use in the area.  Any person entering the Sports Court may be subject to filming by CCTV or other surveillance equipment within and surrounding the Sports Court for operational, security and public risk reasons and we reserve the right to use such evidence in any dispute.  By entering the Sports Court you consent to information about yourself (including images) being recorded by such surveillance equipment and to u disclosing the information recorded to anyone (including law enforcement bodies and persons involved in relevant legal or disciplinary actions) to the extent that we deem such disclosure to be necessary to protect our lawful interests, the public interest or the safety of persons or property at the Sports Court.