Australian Industry Participation Plan for the 80 Ann Street Project

Mirvac is committed to providing information about the upcoming tender packages for the supply of key goods and services for the 80 Ann Street Project in an effort to afford full, fair and equal opportunities for Australian entities to procure and supply goods and services to the Project.

Pre-qualification requirements
To be considered as a supplier of goods and services on the Project, Mirvac requires potential suppliers to demonstrate compliance with pre-qualification pre-requisites that have been developed to ensure the successful procurement of works for both Suppliers and Mirvac for the Project.
Accordingly, the following is a list of metrics in which potential Suppliers will be evaluated on:

  • Commitment to Work Health and Safety initiatives, policies and procedures 
  • Commitment to Quality initiatives, policies and procedures 
  • Previous experience in delivering goods and services on comparable projects
  • Financial Stability  
  • Capability to deliver required goods and services 
  • Reliability and certainty of supply 
  • Resourcing and ability to complete works within required timeframe 
  • Technological innovation and specialist expertise 

In addition to the above project specific pre-requisites, prospective suppliers will also need to comply with Mirvac Groups wider Vendor Code of Conduct. More information on Mirvac’s Vendor Code of Conduct can be found here.

Current and upcoming opportunities
Mirvac is not currently seeking EOI’s relating to the below services:

  • Landscaping maintenance

Expressions of Interest
Expressions of interest can be lodged by contacting the Facilities Manager.
Mark Copeland
Senior Facility Manager
Phone: 0477 716 428