The Way of Beizam

The Way of the Beizam represents the importance of our waterways and the life within it. The Beizam (sharks) represent the bull sharks that live in the Brisbane River. They are critical to the environmental sustainability of our ecosystems, ensuring our waterways and river systems are clean and healthy.

They maintain a natural equilibrium, keeping the aquatic habitat in balance. This representation of the bull sharks connects beyond the boundaries of the Brisbane River, as these sharks swim through the many Pacific Ocean currents, hunting and corralling schools of fish.

Taliah Saylor is of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander heritage. Born in Brisbane, she is an emerging visual artist whose artwork has developed over the past eight years and expresses her connection to Country and her people.

The Way of Beizam is part of Brisbane City Council's Outdoor Gallery, Reflections: A reflection of Brisbane’s waterways.
The Indigenous Art Program showcases and celebrates local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and their stories.

From 19 June to 2 October 2023, explore Reflections: A reflection of Brisbane’s waterways, an exhibition featuring new and existing artworks from both emerging and established artists. Reflections: A reflection of Brisbane's waterways highlights Brisbane River’s beauty, significance, and sustainability and is curated by Creative Nations.

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