In Conversation with Rachael Sarra

Join Rachael Sarra and Chris Bassi as they discuss Guidance from the Stars and Rachael's thought process in developing this exquisite piece of art for Heritage Lanes. Gain an understanding of the meaning behind this piece and Rachael's experiences that contribute to her art.

Hosted by Chris Bassi, Brisbane Artist and Curator.  Register Here.

Rachael Sarra’s vibrant creative practice embodies her experience as a proud mixed race, First Nations woman from Goreng Goreng Country. Driven by a belief that art and design are vital to communication, connection and culture, Rachael invites us to see the world through her eyes with bold colours and dynamic contours.

The overarching idea for me was about the sky as a form of guidance. We look to the stars often for guidance regardless of our cultural background so I thought that was a nice thread for everyone to have a place in the narrative.

From a cultural perspective the sky is a part of our past, present and future. We have stories that transcend our communities and the present day way before and beyond us as individuals. I also thought about colour as a metaphor for feeling and emotions. In our darker times we look to our ancestors for guidance and a clear path from our past, for our present and into the future. This is seen and illuminated in the prominent teal elements in the center of the artwork.

Our ancestors past and present and for our future guiding us. In the lighter version these elements are not as prominent but they are still there. This is a metaphor around the emotional state of being lighter, confident and empowered. In these times guidance isn't as prominent in the foreground but we know it is always there.